Payroll giants working together

22 June 2020

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) and The Payroll Centre, are working together for the benefit of the payroll profession, with the aim of raising best practice standards in payroll.

Professional payroll departments and organisations who are committed to improving standards within payroll, and who are also committed to identifying and developing lifelong training schemes within their teams, now have the opportunity to engage with two industry- leading, forward-thinking services; the CIPP’s flagship ‘Payroll Assurance Scheme’ (PAS), and the Payroll Centre’s unique ‘Assess, Customise, Train’ tool (ACT).

After working together effectively throughout last year’s National Payroll Week and looking forward to doing the same this year, both organisations felt the time was right to launch the joint initiative to the market, especially now, as both tools are providing much needed support during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Vickie Graham, Business Development Director for the CIPP said: “It made sense for the CIPP and The Payroll Centre to work together in promoting the Payroll Assurance Scheme and the ACT tool as the products complement each other in demonstrating excellence in payroll processes and development. The Payroll Assurance Scheme assesses an organisations’ payroll procedures, including the development of their payroll teams and therefore the ACT tool is a natural fit with this service. We hope that through working together, the CIPP and the Payroll Centre can help payroll professionals demonstrate their best practice standards within the organisations in which they work, ultimately raising the profile of the profession.”

The CIPP’s Payroll Assurance Scheme is the only voluntary accreditation on the market that can offer employers and bureaux confidence in their payroll services from an audit which was approved and developed in partnership with HMRC. The CIPP Policy team helps to ensure that the scheme is as up to date as possible and is always evolving.  It is their flagship payroll assessment solution and the gold standard for payroll processes and people, and the prestigious award to covet in the payroll industry.

The Payroll Centre’s Assess-Customise-Train tool is a custom-built online platform, which uses their unique Payroll Competency Model to ensure relevant skills assessments and results for payrollers of all experience levels and job roles.  Managers can get a view of how the entire team is progressing with an easy to use dashboard, displaying an overview of the team and its skills, allowing training plans for individuals to be managed more effectively.

Neil Hollister, CEO of The Payroll Centre commented:

“The Payroll Centre is delighted to be working with CIPP to promote PAS and ACT to the payroll profession.

We believe these offerings will help raise standards in the industry by offering payroll teams the chance to benchmark and certify their operations, and clearly identify and act on the development needs of every payroller in the team.

Together with our support for National Payroll Week, The Payroll Centre is delighted to be working with CIPP to help develop the profession.”

The aim of the joint project is to raise best practice standards within the payroll sector, benefiting both companies and individuals alike.