Payroll Giving - matched funding is on the increase

04 February 2014

Recent figures issued by APGO show that companies donated over £7.5 million in the last financial year (2012-13) in match funding employee's donations through Payroll Giving which reflects a huge increase of £1.5m on the previous year.

The announcement follows a revision to HMRC figures and brings the total donated to charity by employees and companies through Payroll Giving to £162.5 million this financial year, an increase of £38.6 million on the previous year.

Further figures released by the APGO show that a record 48% of employers engaged in Payroll Giving schemes pay the administration charge on behalf of their employees. This again puts Payroll Giving ahead of other donation methods as the most cost effective way for people to give and ensures that 100% of employee donations go directly to the charities they are supporting.

A representative of the APGO said: "We are delighted to be able to release these figures on behalf of our members and would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to corporate organisations that continue to champion and fund Payroll Giving. We see this as a starting point to encourage more employers to support employee's charitable donations by providing and facilitating Payroll Giving."

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The amount of money that people give to charities in this country is a testament to the generosity of the British people. Payroll Giving is a great idea because it makes giving easier and a normal part of life.”