Course of the week: Payrolling benefits and legislation update

31 January 2017

Who is this course aimed at?

Everyone responsible for, or involved with payroll, expenses and benefits or policies within their organisation. This could be payroll, HR or finance professionals who need to keep up to date with legislative changes and understand and recognise the implications to their employer and employees.

What will I learn?

Employers are constantly alert to controlling and reducing employment costs yet often seek to maintain or enhance the range of benefits on offer to their employees.

This course is designed to guide delegates through the complexities of the tax and NICs rules and to provide them with clarity and confidence.

The course highlights the necessity to critically review existing dispensations; expense policies and identify the possible consequences to organisations if they fail to evaluate these. It specifies the impact of the abolition of dispensations, expenses covered by scale rates, new rules in respect of trivial benefits, other options of processing benefits and expenses, identifies what can be payrolled, how to enrol with HMRC and gives step by step guidance on how to do the calculations of the benefits.

Course aims

On completion, delegates should be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of maintaining policies and processes to ensure compliance
  • Avoid risks of HMRC revoking dispensations or challenging expense policies
  • Confidently meet their obligations and responsibilities to their employer, employees and HMRC
  • Take full advantage of the latest statutory exemptions and the streamlined procedures, and understand the benefits and pitfalls

Locations and dates for this course can be found on our website. For more information please email a[email protected] or call 0121 712 1000.

Closing date for bookings is one week prior to the course date.