Payrolling Benefits - PBiK portal

17 February 2016

One of our members queried with HMRC some unusual functionality when registering existing payrolled benefits using the new PBiK portal.

In particular a message was being displayed when the member excluded employees on ‘Section F – Cars’. After reporting the issue HMRC confirmed that this had been fixed and registration could then be completed, this has also affected all other Sections of BIKs and has now been fixed so the error message will not continue going forward.

Essentially the problem was that when an employer went to exclude an employee from a list of BiKs, when the employer pressed exclude the system was excluding everyone. So if members saw the message below at any stage on the portal when looking to exclude an employee from having a BIK payrolled, it will be worth revisiting those cases now to exclude the employees again.


Employee already excluded

This person is already excluded from having this benefit taxed through their payroll.

Exclude another employee

Back to your payrolled benefits and expenses


The correct functionality identifies employees via NINO which go into a list controllable by the employer on the PBiK portal in steps 3 and 4 of 4 in that chain.

With thanks to member Paul Swarbrick for thinking of other members and alerting us to this issue.