Transition of pensions guidance to GOV.UK

24 September 2014

We recently published brief confirmation of the imminent transition of pensions content from the HMRC website to GOV.UK. We can now share more detailed information about the transition.

Following our announcement of the transfer, HMRC have issued more detailed information about the move. There is also some useful background in an article in Pension Schemes Newsletter 65.

HMRC have also explained that the Registered Pensions Schemes Manual (RPSM) will remain in its current location on the HMRC website and any links to it will continue to link to it directly. However if someone searches for RPSM on GOV.UK, rather than hitting the front page of RPSM directly, they will be taken to a page on GOV.UK that links out to the RPSM.
RPSM sits on the 'manuals' part of the HMRC website and this area is not being transitioned at this stage. HMRC continue to work with Government Digital Services on the timeline for transition and will communicate more about this at a later date.