Preparation for automatic enrolment

27 October 2015

Are you ready for automatic enrolment and your staging date? Or are you an accountant or advisor who needs to help employers comply with their automatic enrolment duties?

This course will bring together the latest high-level advice and information from The Pensions Regulator and enables employers to establish the extent of their involvement with automatic enrolment, giving practical guidance on each of the stages in the process.

It also helps you identify your requirements in terms of setting up pension schemes, making sure the software does the job, assessing your staff and your staging dates.

The course includes a special section for employers who have already implemented Auto Enrolment using the original – pre April 2015 – legislation. Original documentation and templates are supplied, together with detailed notes on how employers can save ongoing time and expense by only providing the information required by the current legislation.

More than 110,000 organisations are due to stage in January 2016. With the penalties for getting auto enrolment wrong starting at £50 a day, can your business afford not to complete this training?

Please see below the available courses:

The use of Computers in Automatic Enrolment

Do you need to understand how to implement automatic enrolment into your organisation? Or are you a payroll bureau, accountant or advisor who needs to understand how employers can comply with their new legal obligations?

This online course gives employers, payroll service providers and their advisors the practical guidance and background knowledge on how to use computers to complete each of The Pension Regulator’s recommended 11 steps in the automatic enrolment process.

The course equips employers to adopt The Pension Regulator’s recommendation that computers should be used to help businesses through the auto enrolment process.

The tuition is aimed specifically at payroll personnel in the front line of introducing auto enrolment to their business, and it covers the hot topic of in the cloud computing and the use of computers for recording purposes.

The course gives full instructions on how to comply with the new employers’ obligations and brings together the latest practical advice and information from The Pensions Regulator. It ensures your system does the job every step of the way, from finding your staging date to successful automatic enrolment implementation. It also ensures you avoid the pitfalls which can lead to penalties starting at £50 per day!. To book yourself onto this course, please