Prepare for changes to internet security

17 February 2016

From 13 June 2016, Bacs is adopting the new security, called SHA-256 SSL. At the same time as this change is being made, Bacs will withdraw support for older connection protocols to provide even more protection for the communications pipeline between the internet-based service access points, Bacstel-IP and the Payment Services Website, and the service user. After 13 June 2016, only TLS 1.1 and 1.2 will be supported.

Any business which wants to access Bacs via Bacstel-IP or the Payment Services Website to make or collect payments will need to have a web browser, operating system, and – if used – a Bacs Approved Software Solution that support these changes.

If you are a direct submitter to Bacs and use a Bacs Approved Software Solution to send submissions / collect your reports, speak to your software supplier. If you log onto the Payment Services Website direct to download your reports, ask your IT provider to check that your browser and operating system will support the changes.

If you use a Bacs approved bureau speak to your bureau to ensure they are aware of the 13 June 2016 deadline to update their web browser. If you log on to the Payment Services Website, for example to download your own reports, you will need a compatible browser and operating system. Ask your IT provider to check that your browser will support the changes.

For more details on these changes and how they will affect you, go to