Payroll Giving poll results

09 September 2015

Throughout August 2015 we ran a poll on the CIPP website asking: “Would you consider setting up a Payroll Giving program in your organisation?”

We received 131 responses of which 56% said they already had a Payroll Giving program in place and 34% said that they would consider setting one up. Only the remaining 10% said they would not consider setting one up.

According to HMRC’s recently published provisional figures, money raised over the last year through payroll giving has decreased by 6% to £126million in comparison to the previous year.

Going back a year to 2012-13 the amount collected peaked at £155 million which would show an even bigger decline over the last year at 19%. However at that time there was a change in data collection from quarterly to annual, a change in data systems of some Payroll Giving Agencies and an increased effort by HMRC to gather complete data from the Agencies. HMRC state that these improvements mean that previous year’s figures are not directly comparable.

Irrespective of fluctuations in figures, it is extremely positive news that there are still well over a million employees (1,094,000) donating through payroll giving in the UK.

National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards

Employers, charities and professional partnerships continue to be recognised for promoting Payroll Giving in the workplace. This year’s National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards ceremony, celebrating employers' dedication to tax-free giving, is to take place on 17 November 2015 in the House of Lords.

The awards are designed to showcase the best Payroll Giving schemes in the UK. Applications are welcomed from organisations and individuals who have inspired engagement in Payroll Giving over the last 12 months. The awards are free to enter and nominations can come from any size of organisation.

Visit the Payroll Giving Awards website for full details of the Awards Categories, entry eligibility and submissions. The deadline for applications is 15 September 2015.