Could you offer a work placement to help someone back into the workplace?

26 October 2016

In partnership with Solihull Jobcentre Plus, we run a successful Sector Workbased Academy. We are really excited by this programme as we offer learning and development to assist individuals that are currently unemployed to secure new job ready skills to re-enter the workforce.

At the end of their time with us, they will have completed a combination of International Association of Book keepers (IAB) Level One Computerised accounting for business and/or Level Two Computerised accounting for Business qualification.  The learner will gain a number of new skills that include:

  •         Recording routine bookkeeping transactions using a computerised system;
  •         Prepare and record sales and purchase documents; to
  •         Setting up accounting software to manage accounting information; and
  •         Process routine payments and receipts.

One of the things that enables the individual to be job ready is a work placement that gives them some new experiences and the opportunity to apply for and be interviewed for a vacancy that the employer might have.

A work placement has clear benefits for both the individual and the host employer as they often employ them after seeing how willing they are to learn, work and be part of a vibrant organisation.

We are currently seeking employers that would consider taking a work experience placement in their business and offer them the opportunity for an interview at the end of their time with you. This learner would be supported by Jobcentre Plus and our Professional Careers Academy at CIPP.

If you are interested in the working with these capable and highly skilled individuals and would like some more information, you can contact us on 0121 712 1040 or by emailing [email protected]