Who will help the firms caught in the automatic enrolment capacity crunch?

29 January 2014

The Pensions Regulator recommends employers should allow at least six months to prepare for automatic enrolment but we’re only a couple of months away from a predicted pensions ‘capacity crunch’.

Plansponsor share some insights:

Are advisers stepping up to the plate to help smaller employers? Will smaller employers just opt for a multi-employer scheme so advice isn’t really needed? Or does the possible introduction of a charge cap next year mean getting advice is more important than ever?

While to some the term capacity crunch may sound like a breakfast cereal, its implications are very serious for employers without the relationships or money to employ a traditional pensions consultant. So are the likes of independent financial advisers and accountants – who small companies claim they will rely on for auto-enrolment help – stepping up to the plate?

This week saw the publication of a report from master trust NOW Pensions, claiming 55% of IFAs, who are either currently advising or intend to advise on auto-enrolment, are concerned about their ability to service the increasing volume of SMEs that will be seeking guidance in 2014, while 21% of IFA firms plan to take on new staff.

But PLANSPONSOR UK also revealed this week while IFAs may be planning to recruit new staff, this hiring boom has failed to materialise thus far.