A Power Too Far?

01 September 2014

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Whilst the CIPP members who commented did not oppose the HMRC proposal, concerns were raised about HMRC having the powers to carry out a "carte blanche" approach to those who do not meet their liabilities, or appear to not have met their liabilities. The CIPP therefore would like to support Taxation Magazine and the accountancy bodies in calling for a review into what more can be done to tackle those who avoid or evade paying their taxes, before rushing through these new powers. There could be many reasons why HMRC records show a non-payment, and we would urge the Treasury and HMRC to first invest in the Dashboard so businesses can see in real time HMRC's allocation of funds. This will help employers and business to understand if there are any differences and enable them to work with HMRC to correct them, whether an employer fault or an HMRC error. Confidence in HMRC's systems has to increase before powers of this kind can or should be given. Since the CIPP's formal response there has been anecdotal evidence to suggest that some members have experienced some steps being missed before proper investigation has taken place.