The CIPP and AAT joint response on IR35 Legislation and Personal Service Companies

03 January 2014

Last month we published a CIPP/AAT survey to gather member views from the payroll, tax and accountancy community.

The CIPP and AAT have submitted a joint response to a House of Lords Select Committee who are conducting an inquiry into the use of Personal Service Companies.

The call for evidence was published to review the use of Personal Service Companies in the public and private sectors. Along with the consideration of implications for tax and NI, wider issues both from the point of view of workers and their clients are also to be looked at.

The evidence from our survey shows that current legislation and guidance is not clear enough, is confusing and is not necessarily aimed at the right groups of people. Current consultation methods are not thought to be effective and as such the CIPP and AAT will support the Committee and work with them in any future consultation work.

We would like to thank all those who took the time to share their expertise and thoughts through our survey. The full response can be downloaded through the link below.

CIPP & AAT PSC IR35 call for evidence response - December 2013