CIPP quick poll results - Pension tax relief for workers on low incomes

16 October 2018

The quick poll ran for a short time from 1 to 12 October 2018 and asked ‘Did the availability of tax relief for your low paid workers factor into your/your company’s pension scheme choice?’

Responses included

Yes – it was a critical factor (18) - 14%

Yes – it was a factor but not critical (23) - 18%

No – it wasn’t important (46) - 35%

We recognise now that it should have been (5) - 4%

N/A (38) - 29%


CIPP comment

The CIPP together with several key stakeholders in the pensions industry were signatories to the original letter. We welcome the positive action that the government is considering to address the anomaly and hope that genuine progress towards this aim is achieved shortly. 

We look forward to the Budget on Monday 29 October which would provide an ideal platform for the Chancellor to make a positive announcement for reform to support those on low pay who are affected by this situation.