14 May 2024

For the latest Quick Poll, we wanted to know what topics you would like covered as part of the BeKnowledgeable webinar series.

With 163 responses, the results show:

Pensions processing (pensions alongside absence) 65.03%
Holiday pay 59.51%
Overpayments and recovery  58.90%
Expenses and travel 39.88%
National Minimum Wage  37.42%
Payrolling benefits 1.84%
Salary Sacrifice 1.23%

In addition, individual comments included:

  • Any Changes
  • Basic Payroll Calculations refresh
  • Becoming and apprentice levy paying company
  • Calculating and paying holiday for salaried workers with regular variable pay elements, e.g. overtime
  • Expat payroll topics
  • Financial analytics / salary budgeting
  • Global Mobility
  • Holiday - 52 week calculation
  • Holiday for part-time workers
  • How to Payroll Expenses
  • K codes
  • Tax and NI
  • Tax award scheme
  • Term Time working and mid-year contract changes

As always, thank you for your responses. Key an eye out for BeKnowledgeable updates and future webinars.