Quick Poll results: Do you agree with the auto-enrolment age being lowered to 18 and over?

26 January 2022

In our latest quick poll, we asked: Do you think auto-enrolment should be expanded to employees aged 18 and over? This was in response to MP calls to change auto-enrolment criteria.

The results of this poll were very one sided, with 78% agreeing that this should happen. Only 15% of respondents said no, with the remaining 7% still undecided.

The policy team have been discussing these potential changes and, while the question is very simple and a beneficial change on the face of it, there are some interesting questions can be asked.

Is this the right time for the change? Any change to the auto-enrolment rules is likely to undergo consultation reviews and need legislation written. However, we are currently entering into what many are calling a ‘cost of living crisis’, frozen tax band and personal allowances, additional deductions through the Health and Social Care levy and rising energy prices. Would now be the best time to add additional cost onto employees who may be lower earners? While the cost is for the right reasons it may add undue pressure on individuals, resulting in more opt out requests and therefore additional burden on employers.

The other consideration discussed was the issue of pension ‘small pots’. Younger earners may be working on a more casual basis, maybe working around educational studying. With the imminent pensions dashboard aiming to solve this problem, is this a step that will add too much pressure to the new systems?

We hope that whatever way you answered this poll we have given you something to think about on what seems like such a straightforward question.

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