Quick poll results: Will allowing employees to take unpaid parental leave in days result in incorrect payment?

26 July 2021

The CIPP is currently carrying out research alongside the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) into how changes to the way unpaid parental leave could be taken may potentially impact payroll departments.

We posed the question:

“Employees can currently take up to four weeks’ worth of unpaid parental leave in a year, which currently must be taken as whole weeks. 

If changes were made so that unpaid parental leave could be paid taken as separate days (which parents can already do if their child is disabled), would it be difficult for payroll professionals to adjust pay accordingly?”

The majority of respondents (77%) stated that the change from full weeks’ worth of leave to leave taken in blocks of days would not make it difficult for payroll teams to amend pay accordingly, with the remaining 23% confirming that it would. 

As with all changes that are made to employee pay, there would need to be a real focus on communication in order to make this a success. The relevant departments would need to liaise with the payroll department with sufficient time for them to make the amendments to employee pay, but if one payroll deadline was missed, the adjustment could potentially be made in a subsequent pay period. 

We look forward to seeing whether changes to the way in which unpaid parental leave can be taken come to fruition and will keep the payroll profession updated as soon as we know any more.

CIPP comment

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