HMRC SDST Real time information update

07 March 2014

HMRC’s Software Developers Support Team (SDST) have provided an update on 2014-15 early filing, live twitter on end of year tasks, incorrect mergers and GNS.

SDST have provided March 2014 updates on the following areas:

  • 2014-15 early filing
  • A live twitter on end of year tasks
  • Incorrect mergers
  • Updated Generic Notification Service (GNS) text

2014-15 early filing

Having listened to stakeholders and employers involved in the pilot we have adapted our systems so that employers can send their 2014-15 submissions from 6 March.

This means that employers who need to run their payroll in advance of 6 April for payments made to employees from 6 April can send their 2014-15 Full Payment Submissions (FPS) and Employer Payment Summaries (EPS) from that date, provided that their software package has been updated with the 2014-15 forms.

Employers who use HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools will be able to make their 2014-15 submissions from 3 April 2014, provided that they have the 2014-15 version on their computer. Our 5 March 2014 What’s New Basic PAYE Tools for 2014-15 has more details. In previous years this would not have been possible before HMRC’s annual IT upgrades took place in April.

For further reference see:

A live twitter on end of year tasks

We are currently running the following tweets:

  • Employers – got a question for HMRC about the RTI end-of-year PAYE tasks? Ask us now using #RTIQA. We’ll answer them from 3-4pm, 11 March
  • HMRC is holding a Twitter Q&A on PAYE end-of-year tasks under RTI. Ask questions now using #RTIQA or during the Q&A on 11 March, 3-4pm
  • If you’re an employer with a question about the PAYE end-of-year tasks, we’re running a Q&A at 11 March, 3-4pm. Ask questions now using #RTIQA
  • We’re running a live Twitter Q&A on PAYE end-of-year tasks under RTI at 11 March, 3-4pm. Ask questions now or during the event using #RTIQA.

If you receive any of these tweets please re-tweet them to your customers or members.

Incorrect mergers

On 19 February we began to correct an issue in our system which, where an employee has had two or more employments with the same employer, had resulted in some employments being merged in error.

Prior to our corrective action some accounts on HMRC’s Business Tax Dashboard will have been incorrect. We are currently updating affected employer records and the Business Tax Dashboard will show corrected figures shortly:

  • employers who have been paying the right amount of tax (based on their payroll), should see their accounts now balance on the Business Tax Dashboard. Prior to the records being updated they will have been in a credit position
  • dependant on individual circumstances, employers who have been paying the amount that the Dashboard said that they owed (rather than the amount based on their payroll), may end up in debt position when the record is updated
  • some employers may see no change at all.

If any employers will have difficulty paying any extra money owed, they should contact our Debt Management teams, who will try to work with them to resolve any issues

We will shortly be publishing a What’s New to advise employers of this. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Updated Generic Notification Service (GNS) text

Following stakeholder feedback, we have updated the text of our late filing GNS message. The new text will appear shortly. Further changes to all GNS messages will take effect in 2014-15. We’ll provide further details nearer the time.