Software Developers - update to RTI and DPS techpacks

26 January 2017

SDST provided an update in December regarding new Scottish Income Tax Powers for the 2017/18 tax year. Further to this, the Team has provided the following information:

The technical specifications for RTI submissions to HMRC and for retrieval of coding notices from the Data Provisioning Service (DPS) have both been updated to allow for a wider range of D-prefix codes in the tax code data item.

SDST is not aware of any plans at present to introduce further D-prefix codes in this data item other than the present D0 and D1.This specification update, however, brings the submission/retrieval specifications in line with the tax calculation document “Specification for PAYE tax table routine”, which already allows for higher D codes. Software which incorporates these new specifications would then be ready to support the submission and retrieval of these codes, should they be introduced in future.

SDST current plans are that test services will support these new specifications from the dates shown below:

  • 13 February:         TPVS test service for Internet submissions; Outgoing XML Generator tool for DPS
  • 20 February:         Local Test Service (LTS) for Internet submissions.

Any questions should be directed to [email protected].