Seeking pioneer businesses for high-profile pilot project

04 June 2014

What is Wagevance?

The Wagevance service is a benefit employers can offer their employees at no cost to themselves, whilst positively impacting on their business and bottom line by reducing financial distress, and positively impacting absenteeism, productivity, morale, staff turnover and retention. In summary, it is an ethical and affordable alternative to predatory payday lending.

What's involved in the trial?

We're looking for small-medium sized companies to run a controlled trial of the service and technology, it will help us refine and shape the product ahead of the full launch in September. We would just need to do a little work with the HR and payroll departments to integrate and would be willing to pay for any down time suffered.

What's in it for them?

As mentioned, we are part of a prestigious business accelerator starting in June. In September, there will be a big demo-day, with over 200 senior business people, investors and press. Our pilot company would be showcased as a pioneering and progressive leader in disrupting the payday lending market for the better. We already have the support of major charities and government organisations in what we are doing and a great deal of interest from the national press, so a fantastic PR opportunity. We'll also have access to anyone we want at the sponsor bank up to CEO level, so there may be opportunities there, as well as through the accelerator’s huge alumni network of companies and mentors.

What to know more

For more information, you can visit We have been accepted onto a prestigious business accelerator program with senior level backing from a major corporate (to be announced on 12 June).

To find out more, or volunteer for the pilot, contact:
Emanuel Andjelic via phone 07775 884 168 or email Emanuel
Mutaz Qubbaj via phone 07771 977 410 or email Mutaz