Employer prompts for Student loans

12 April 2016

In preparation for the new employer prompts that will be delivered via the Generic Notification Service (GNS) HMRC have recommended in the April edition of the Employer Bulletin that you:

  • Regularly check your inbox for online notices
  • Implement SL1 and SL2 notices at the first available payday
  • Check carefully that you are making deductions against the correct plan type, which can be found on form SL1, the starter checklist; or by
  • Asking your employee and if they don’t know, they should contact the Student Loan Company to find out what their plan type is.

There will be two notifications that will be titled:

  • No Student Loan Deduction Prompt 1
  • No Student Loan Deduction Prompt 2 – this will be sent if you don’t act on receipt of the first prompt

The prompts will be delivered to your inbox along with other GNS messages. You should check your inbox regularly to ensure you can act on any prompts.

Where you don’t act on the second prompt, HMRC may contact you by telephone to ensure you begin to make deductions.

Further information about student loan deductions is available at Student loans: information for employers and employees (CSL2)