Secret London subway

11 April 2016

There’s a secret subway under the streets of London and soon you could be able to visit it.

Built for first class passengers going to see the Crystal Palace, this secret subway in south London could be about to be opened to the public.

It was officially opened in 1865 and was in use until the palace was destroyed by fire. It then served as an air raid shelter during World War Two with enough room for 192 people to sleep or 360 to stand. For the last 20 years it has been closed completely, over safety fears.

The Friends of Crystal Palace Subway now want to re-open the Grade II vaulted walkway to the public so that people can enjoy the incredible architecture of the tunnel.

The treasurer for the fundraising group has said that they now have enough money to start the work and begin reinstating safe access to the subway and that it is the community that have really got behind this project and who are working really hard to get the site open again.