Shared Parental Leave In Touch days to be called SPLIT days

27 May 2014

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) has confirmed to the CIPP that working days under the new Shared Parental Leave scheme (due to come into force in 2015), will be known as SPLIT days.

Parents are to be allowed to have up to 20 days at work per parent whilst on shared parental leave. The days that will be available to parents on shared parental leave will be renamed SPLIT days to distinguish them from KIT (Keeping In Touch) days for use during the maternity leave period. The SPLIT days on shared parental leave will be in addition to the 10 KIT days which will continue to be available to a woman whilst she is on maternity leave.

For further details on the proposals under Shared Parental Leave Pay, see the news item below.

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