How are tax codes working out for you?

03 March 2014

We have received a number of calls and emails on the topic of Tax Codes, specifically employee tax codes being issued incorrectly and in most cases significantly incorrectly, which would have, if used without intervention have caused significant hardship to the employee.

We would like to feed examples of these to HMRC to find out why this is happening. Ideally it would be good also for us to be able to establish how, in the event they are incorrect, they can be resolved preferably without either employee or employer or agent having to spend a significant amount of time attempting to communicate via the contact centres.

If you have been affected by this recently or are affected in the coming days (and as form P9’s are being issued, the likelihood may increase) please contact me at policy. It would be most helpful if you could add to the subject line either:

  • Incorrect Tax Codes – Employer; or
  • Incorrect Tax Codes - Agent.

Many thanks

Samantha Mann MCIPP Dip. CIPP Senior Policy & Research Officer