The CIPP tax pack

29 April 2019

We’re delighted to present you with yet another incredible membership benefit for associate, full, fellow and Chartered Members – the CIPP tax pack.

The packs will be sent out from May 2019 and have been created to help you to make the most of your membership and assist you in your day to day role by; supporting and empowering you to be the best you can be whilst providing you with the latest trends, facts and figures in the industry.

Enclosed you’ll find the following items:

The Compact Payroll Reference Book - known as the 'Payroll Bible’ it includes current tax and National Insurance tables together with as much information as is likely to be required during the tax year.  This book is also available for purchase at £40 plus postage if you require further copies.

The payroll factpen - updated by the policy team and provides quick access to key information. The factcard is issued at the start of each tax year and is available in several formats including this handy pen so you can access the information whenever it's required.

CIPP’s wallplanner – this useful wall calendar contains all of the key payroll, pension and reward dates and deadlines along with essential CIPP events to make sure you stay organised, set your goals and don’t miss out on a thing!

Payroll is our passion so whatever stage of your career, let CIPP membership assist you through knowledge, development, recognition and support. #bepayroll.


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