Top ten ways employers lose employment tribunals

06 May 2015

The most common ways in which employers lose employment tribunal claims are avoidable. Find out how by joining leading employment law barrister Daniel Barnett.

Regular readers of the CIPP news will recognise the name Daniel Barnett as for several years we have used his case law summaries to inform the payroll profession. Daniel puts across complex information from the minefield of employment law in a clear and simple way and highlights the practicalities that employers need to consider.

We are very pleased to be able to bring CIPP members a special offer from this highly regarded employment law Barrister. Filmed live in central London, Daniel discusses the top ten pitfalls which employers fall into, causing them to end up losing employment tribunals. Topics covered include:

  • how to deal with an employee who goes off sick during a disciplinary process
  • what to do when an employee wants to bring a lawyer into a meeting
  • not panicking when an employee announces she's pregnant!

The DVD is a 50 minute, humorous run through of the main mistakes employers make with staff.

The DVD normally sells for £75+VAT but as a special offer to CIPP members, it is being offered to you free of charge (subject to you contributing to the postage & packing).

Follow this link to claim your free copy