Webcast: Student Loans – a look to the future

21 August 2020

In recognition of the fact that there will be a new Scottish Student Loan repayment plan  – repayment plan four, from 6 April 2021, and that a draft Starter Checklist form has been compiled, to include this new repayment plan type, the CIPP’s Policy and Research team has put together a brief webcast on the topic of Student Loans, and it is now available for you to watch.

The webcast, which is approximately seven minutes long, discusses the operation of the Student Loan, a new Scottish Student Loan plan, the new draft Starter Checklist form, and also details what the thresholds for Student Loans for tax year 2021-22 will be, following on from the recent announcement from the Department for Education (DfE).

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to update yourself with the latest developments relating to the Student Loan, then this webcast is ideal for you.


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