Webinar: Think multi-channel to achieve 100% automation of payslips

09 October 2019

Despite the increasing implementation of online payslips, the latest CIPP Future of Payroll Report shows few organisations are achieving 100% digital. Many are still printing payslips to post, hand deliver or for employee collection, resulting in a very fragmented process.

Last week Datagraphic's payslip distribution expert, Glyn King, held a session at the CIPP Annual Conference and Exhibition where he explored how you can use technology and automation tools to better deliver payslips and other employee-facing documents in a format your employees want to receive them - even if that is print as well as online!

For the payroll profession to become future-proof – moving towards a more strategic rather than operational focus – greater use of technology is undoubtedly needed. But new technology should evolve business processes not disrupt them. We suggest you start for example by choosing a project such as a document automation, where results can be delivered in weeks not years and the impact seen quickly.

You start by reviewing how you communicate payroll documents to employees, such as payslips, P60s, P45s, reward statements etc. What systems you use to create them and how they are distributed to full or part-time employees, temporary workers and pensioners?

Communicating payslips, P60s and other employee documents is time-consuming and a costly distraction from the work you want to focus on. Automation technology can support your team to work more efficiently: by streamlining and automating these manual, labour-intensive and repetitive tasks.

To find out more about how you and your team can benefit from 100% automation of payslips and other employee-facing documents, join Glyn on a free webinar where he will re-run his popular presentation from the CIPP Annual Conference and Exhibition.

The webinar - Think multi-channel to achieve 100% automation of payslips - will be presented on Wednesday 6th November at 10 am. You can register for your free place on our website.