About IPP Education

Welcome to IPP Education. We are an Ofqual registered Awarding Organisation who specialise in payroll End-Point Assessments.

We cover the following standards:
Payroll Administrator (Level 3) V.1.0
Payroll Administrator (Level 3) V.1.1
Payroll Assistant Manager (Level 5) V.1.1

What is End-Point Assessment?

End-point Assessment (EPA) is the final stage of an apprenticeship. It is an impartial assessment which assesses if an apprentice has developed the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are outlined in the relevant apprenticeship standard.

Assessment plans for each standard are designed by a group of professionals within the sector and are conducted by independent bodies known as awarding organisations (AOs).

It's important for employers to select an AO as early as possible into the apprenticeship. This is typically done via the apprenticeship training provider, however, ultimately, it is the employer of the apprentice who must make the decision on which AO they engage with. Early engagement will ensure that an apprentice fully understands the assessment criteria and the methods that will be used to carry out the assessment.

Once the assessment has been completed, the AO will record the apprenticeships completion, so that a certificate from the Institute for Apprentices and Technical Education IfATE can be issued.

Support for apprentices

IPPE will not have direct contact with the apprentice until they have reached EPA, however, contact between IPPE and the training provider/employer will begin once IPP Education are appointed as the AO.

Six months prior to gateway, the training provider will be provided with login details for their apprentices to our learning platform which will enable the apprentice to become familiar with the platform they will use during assessment and provide access to practice assessments. In addition, detailed guidance and resources will be available to the apprentice to ensure they are ready and confident to enter the assessment gateway.

When the apprentice enters Gateway we will send out a welcome document and set them up with an account for remote invigilation. Following on from this, clear and continual communication will be made to ensure that everyone involved with the EPA is aware of the expectations.

Why work with us?

  • Our friendly and flexible EPA team will work to make each and every apprentice’s experience as smooth as possible

  • We provide practice materials or guidance for all assessments on our dedicated learning platform

  • All our assessors are working payroll professionals who undertake regular training to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of payroll

  • We are on the government register of End Point Assessment Organisations and Ofqual approved

  • All our assessments are conducted online


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