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Course time: 9:30 AM - 13:00 PM

Its 12 modules contain key ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills critical for all managers to master – from coaching to delegating, from managing change to managing conflict and many other key competency areas in between.
As with World Class Manager 1, its flexible, easy to use format will allow users to quickly gain key insights and its suggested practical actions will allow them to implement their learning and to see its impact immediately.
World Class Manager - series 2, will significantly improve a manager’s competence levels and will help them transition from managing to truly leading.


Why you should attend

Series 2 takes the learner’s journey further and builds on what was learned on the World Class Manager course, by incorporating critical skills that senior leaders and team members need their managers to excel in: effective delegation, coaching skills and feedback skills, how to have difficult conversations and manage conflict.

What will you learn?

The curriculum consists of 12 modules of the critical ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills that managers need to be successful and provides over 240 practical, actionable tools that can be put to immediate use for immediate impact.

Each module contains a bite sized video, workbook and assessment with CPD accreditation.

Course content

Module 1 - enagaging your people

  • Understanding what world class engagement is (and isn’t)
  • How to best engage your team
  • How to help your team boost overall organisational engagement

Module 2 - coaching your team 

  • How to create a great coaching relationship
  • A model for effective coaching
  • How to build a learning and improvement culture in your team

Module 3 - feedback skills

  • How to give and receive feedback effectively
  • Best in class feedback models and their benefits
  • How to make feedback part of your ongoing dialogue with your team members, as well as understanding the impact of a no feedback culture

Module 4 - delegation for leaders

  • Understanding what to delegate, to whom and why
  • Best practice delegation techniques
  • Delegation ‘no no’s!!’

Module 5 - influence for sucess

  • Different Styles: my style, their style
  • Flexing my style - 10 different influencing approaches
  • Aiming for a Win:Win:Win Model of influencing

Module 6 - managing conflict

  • User friendly model - Thomas Kilman Model and its application
  • Understanding our own approach to conflict resolution and that of others
  • Balancing the mutuality of needs

Module 7 - difficult conversations

  • How to prepare for a difficult conversation
  • How to manage a difficult conversation and make it a constructive experience
  • How to execute and manage any challenging emotions in the conversation

Module 8 - manager to leader

  • The shift in thinking
  • The shift in doing
  • The shift in communicating

Module 9 - emotionally intelligent leadership

  • How to build awareness of our own emotions and those of others
  • Managing emotions - self-regulation in pressured situations
  • The power of empathy

Module 10 - resilience and wellbeing

  • Techniques to develop resilience
  • Importance of positive outlook, perspective, and managing self-talk
  • Helping your team become more resilient and managing their well being

Module 11- managing change

  • Managing yourself through change
  • Leading your team members through change
  • Best practice in communicating through change

Module 12 - being the CEO

  • What the CEO sees/wants
  • Your role as the CEOs key ally
  • Developing your own board

Prior learning required?

No preparation required prior to starting the course