Sam Jones MCIPPdip

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Payroll Advisory Team Leader

How did you start your payroll career?

I started my payroll career as a pension payroll administrator in 2005. This was due to a decision to leave college and get a job – I was referred to the payroll role by a recruitment company and went for it. I haven’t looked back! 

Since my first job in payroll, I have worked in varied environments, in-house, systems and accountancy. In 2017 I moved to a new position and was allowed to study for the CIPP Foundation Degree which I completed in 2019. After 23 years I still love payroll, the manual calculations and complexities of legislation fascinate me and there is always more to learn.

How did you then move into policy and advisory?

I moved into the advisory team following 3 years as a payroll tutor at MBKB, an apprenticeship training company. The role is similar in many ways, but the questions are much more varied.

Did you study a specific course to help you in your career?

After many years in the sector, I decided I wanted to progress in the industry so I signed up for the FD in payroll management through the CIPP in 2017, completing the course in 2019. The knowledge this gave me has helped me in many roles and given me a great basis to continue my learning. 

Was there a moment in your career/life that made you want to enter a career in payroll?

After starting my first role, I found the cyclical nature of the department coupled with being numbers-based fitted me very well. 

How do you feel when you know you have made a positive difference to someone through your advice?

The advisory role has incredible amounts of satisfaction when you know you are making a positive impact to a member’s day. As payroll people, we are never going to know everything, so it is lovely to be able to help members when they have got stuck or struggle to find the correct guidance for their situation. 

Tell us about a typical week as an advisory team member?

I’m not sure that we have a typical week! The advisory team receive a wide range of queries by phone and email, which means any two days could be very different. Our primary goal is to make sure our members feel supported, so our daily activities are mainly focused on delivering the most helpful guidance to our members. 

What type of skills does an advisory member need?

The main thing an advisory team member will need is curiosity! Due to the range of queries received, our team needs to keep up to date with the latest changes and be able to detail this in a digestible way for our members.

What's the most interesting fact you've heard about payroll?

I like that there are laws that impact payroll now that have been in place for an incredibly long time. The Truck Act is from the 19th century and is still applicable today! 

Where do you receive your updates?

I receive updates from several different sources. We have a fantastic policy team who help to keep us up to date with changes in the future, along with internal resources, HMRC webinars and press releases, to name a few! 

What techniques do you use to provide accurate answers?

Quality is a top priority for us in the advisory team, so we check the relevance of guidance that is sent out regularly and discuss standardisation regularly to ensure we offer a quality and consistent service. 

What processes do you use to keep you up to date with general legislation?

With general legislation, we regularly take time in the team to research upcoming changes to digest and understand the information, ready to pass on to members. 

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