Building a payroll network

Networking with other payroll professionals is an extremely important part of the role as connections can assist with your professional knowledge and career developments. This can include career advice, job opportunities and can also provide you with resources that can help your day-to-day work. Not only will it contribute to your professional development, but it can also assist your personal life. 

How can I start building a network? 

Traditional face-to-face networking can come in lots of forms, for example, corporate events and industry conferences, even company team dinners, drinks, etc. Events will be happening across the payroll industry and within your company and it is advantageous that where you can, you attend. Attending is essential for building professional relationships, creating a personal connection, and gaining access to valuable resources and insights.

In payroll, the National Payroll Week in September is one of the best times to network as there are always face-to-face events happening.

Also, it’s good to remember the CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) host a conference every year which is an invaluable place to connect with likeminded individuals in the industry. The conference isn’t just about mingling with colleagues but is the perfect environment to learn and gain useful information to help your career. To know when the next events are happening, LinkedIn is a valuable tool. 

The best way to build a network online is via LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media platform focusing on businesses and employment content. LinkedIn has lots of options for you to connect with experienced & talented professionals in payroll and gives you the opportunity to engage actively by taking part in polls and discussions; plus, you can find information on relevant webinars. LinkedIn also gives you access to insightful articles written by payroll professionals and companies, giving you a whole different insight to the industry. 

Firstly, on LinkedIn start by making sure that your profile is completed with a recent, professional picture of you, and it’s got all the information that is needed, like your job, location, and education. Once that is complete, you can start to add people you know, your friends, family, and colleagues. 

To extend your network to people who are in your field, you can connect or follow payroll professionals and companies you find interesting and can reach out to them if they produce content that you like. We suggest you follow the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) on LinkedIn as their page is filled with informative blog posts and it’s an effective way of keeping up to date with industry trends. Another account to follow is the Global Payroll Association (GPA).  It also gives you the option to privately message people, giving you the opportunity to start to build useful relationships. By downloading the software directory on the CIPP website, you’ll have a list of some of the most comprehensive & common software companies used in payroll that you can follow on LinkedIn too.

Why is networking important? 

Networking is beneficial as it can help you discover new job opportunities via your connections and knowing people in the company increases your chances of being recommended for positions, leading you to have a better chance in getting the job. You also have the option to reach out to people in the same industry for career advice, and having those connections also helps you to stay up to date on the latest industry news and trends. 

Another fantastic thing about networking is that as you are connecting with people outside of your company, you have the benefit of learning different processes, and the way other companies work. Even in a junior level role, there are things to be learnt from others that you could propose & implement in your own workplace. 

How can networking benefit my personal life? 

It is fantastic for building your confidence, as networking puts you in a room with strangers and all you have in common is your work. It encourages you to get talking so you start connecting, sharing and learning, which overtime will build your confidence until it becomes second nature.  Soon you will have the courage to approach multiple people at your next networking event and you will forget how intimidating it initially had been. 

While you are networking, you’re creating new friendships with people in the industry, of which you already know you have payroll in common!