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  • 09 Aug 2023

Investment Zone Employer NICs Relief

New National Insurance (NI) category letters for Investment Zones.

  • 28 Mar 2022

Quick Poll: Changes to National Insurance thresholds

New Quick Poll: Could the payroll industry accommodate the changes to National Insurance earlier?

  • 28 Mar 2022

Quick Poll results: How are payroll professionals communicating the Health and Social Care Levy?

Quick Poll results: How may of you are using the recommended payslip message?

  • 21 Feb 2020

CWG5: guide to benefits and expenses to report on form P11D or substitute form for employers 2020-21 published

The guide for 2020-21 includes updates to reflect introduction of reporting Class 1A NICs via RTI on Termination Payments and Sporting Testimonial Payments.

  • 11 Apr 2018

HMRC employer bulletin: April 2018

The latest employer bulletin is now available; which contains useful reminders about changes which have come into force for the new tax year.

  • 10 Apr 2018

Managed Service Company Legislation

HMRC has won a case in the First-tier Tribunal involving attempts to avoid PAYE Income Tax and Class 1 NICs on employment income.

  • 12 Mar 2018

Minor errors in the EXB and FPS Schemas for company cars

Following a publication about minor drafting errors in the EXB Schema for 2017-18 and the FPS Schema for 2018-19, members contacted the policy team with concern...

  • 08 Mar 2018

Employer guides on GOV.UK updated for new tax year

A number of employer guides have been updated to reflect information for the 2018-19 tax year.

  • 25 Oct 2016

Expenses and Benefits - have you sent HMRC a NIL return?

HMRC have sought to remind employers and agents about the importance of submitting a NIL return where they have received a P11D(b) reminder letter.