480: A tax guide is now available on GOV.UK in HTML format which signals the end of it being published in PDF

09 January 2020

HMRC’s 480: A tax guide, which shows HMRC's approach to the taxation of expenses and benefits in kind for directors and employees is now being published in HTML format on the Gov.UK website, and no longer being provided in PDF form.

The comprehensive guide provides guidance that spans the range of benefits in kind (BIKs) which includes the taxation of company cars and vans, mobile phones and company provided living accommodation. There are also sections surrounding expenses such as travelling and subsistence expenses, expenses for employees completing overseas work and relocation expenses.

Information regarding completion of P11Ds and end of year procedures to be followed by both employer and employee is also included.

It is important to ensure that you retain any previously printed editions of the booklet, should you need to present them in audits to demonstrate why you have processed pay elements in certain ways or why you have followed certain procedures. Whoever has responsibility for maintaining evidence should continue to print relevant guidance from the online pages so as to ensure that evidence of reasoning and decision making can be presented if needed.

CIPP comment

 The policy team value receiving the views and experiences from payroll professionals as they relate to guidance, and recent use of GOV.UK is of particular interest to us. Please contact Samantha Mann, Senior policy and research officer with your views via [email protected].


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