A new approach to immigration after Brexit

14 August 2018

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has made recommendations for an open and controlled approach to immigration post-Brexit.

The CBI has published a report ‘Open and Controlled – A New Approach to Migration’ which provides evidence from 129,000 firms across 18 industry sectors.

The CBI says that companies want to see a new approach that remains open enough to grow the UK economy, with the right controls to build public trust and confidence.

Putting migration on the table in future trade talks and ensuring EU workers are not subject to burdensome non-EU visa rules are two key recommendations in the new CBI report on how migration can work UK post-Brexit.

The CBI’s recommendations for a new immigration system can be grouped into five themes:

  • Build public trust in the UK’s migration system by shifting away from controlling numbers to assessing contribution and by investing in local public services where demand has been increased by migration

  • Reform the UK’s non-EU immigration system so that firms can better access people and skills from around the world, not just the EU

  • Recognise the strong links between people and trade as the UK forges new economic relationships on the world stage

  • Replace free movement with an open and controlled immigration system for EU workers

  • Ensure that the transition to any new migration system is done with respect for people and in an orderly manner


The full report and recommendations from the ‘Open and Controlled’ report is available to view on the CBI’s website.