• 07 Nov 2019

Government proposals to make references mandatory

References could potentially be compulsory for all employees under new proposals.

  • 04 Nov 2019

Tribunal rules that Ryanair discriminated against staff member with brain tumour

Court rules that Ryanair discriminated on the grounds of disability.

  • 04 Nov 2019

NHS worker overpaid by £21,000 will not pay money back

Lauren O'Keefe will not have to return £21,000 paid to her in error

  • 31 Oct 2019

Devolution: payroll legislation matrix

To assist the payroll profession with the increasing complexity of devolved UK policies, the CIPP's 'Devolution: payroll legislation matrix' is available exclus...

  • 25 Oct 2019

Court rules in favour of nurse in case surrounding unfair dismissal

Victory for Mr. J Horn in the case against Grampian Health.

  • 22 Oct 2019

Continued support for the Mental Health at Work Commitment

More and more businesses signing up to the initiative, bringing mental health to the forefront of the workplace.