57% of those accessing Gov.UK for guidance use a variety of resources

08 October 2020

There is a wealth of information on the Gov.UK pages, along with a substantial amount of guidance that is of use to payroll professionals, or indeed, anybody wanting to familiarise themselves with payroll policies, and ever-evolving legislation.

The information is presented in a variety of formats, and the CIPP’s Policy and research team wanted to enquire which method of communication individuals favoured. The question that was posed on the CIPP’s news online page was:

“When looking for HMRC guidance on Gov.UK, where do you look?”

Gov.uk white pages: 22%

Webinars: 2%

HMRC manuals: 12%

Youtube videos: 1%                                                 

All of the above: 6%

A mix of some of the above: 57%

The majority, by a substantial stretch, confirmed that they use a mix of the resources available to them at Gov.UK, but not all of them, as only 6% of respondents stated they used the whole range. 22% utilise the Gov.UK white pages to gather information, whilst 12% make use of the HMRC manuals. Only 2% and 1% said that they used webinars and Youtube videos, so it seems that there is more of an appetite for the more traditional, word-based formats of communication, as opposed to the more technology-based platforms for providing guidance.


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