Additional Bank Holiday confirmed for 2023

09 November 2022

2023 will become the second year in a row to gain an additional bank holiday. May 8 2023 will be a bank holiday to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, which will be held on the Saturday 6 May 2022.

May will now see three bank holidays, as this is in addition to the early May bank holiday on 1 May 2023 and the spring bank holiday on 29 May 2023.

As with last year, the CIPP recommends that contracts are inspected to identify the impact on holiday entitlements. There is no legal requirement for bank holidays to be given off as paid leave, however, wording in relevant agreements (usually a contract or employee handbook) will be very important.

Employers are urged to think about policies and procedures ahead of time and how to communicate these to workers.

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