18 August 2023

Advanced Workplace Associates has released the Hybrid Working Index for August 2023 and inside there are some revelations about hybrid working arrangements in the UK and beyond to explore.

There is plenty of data to dive into, however, there is one stat that jumps out as alarming for the payroll and HR industries:

51% of survey employers do not have a hybrid working policy in place.

This compares to 14% in the EU, 24% in Asia Pacific and 44% in North America. Europe has a significant number or employers reporting a three-day hybrid policy at 72% of those surveyed.

It seems many companies are opting to continue with a lax approach to hybrid policies. With many employment and payroll issues coming down to exact and specific wording within contracts and relevant agreements, this could be an area of concern for many businesses.

Having an agreement in place provide peace of mind for both the employees and the employers. Have you got an agreement in place for your hybrid workers?

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