Automatic enrolment - non-compliant companies named

17 May 2017


The Pensions Regulator has amended the numbers of fixed penalty notices and escalating penalty notices in their recent press release regarding naming non-compliant companies.


Below the correct figures are shown in bold and the incorrect previously published figures are shown in brackets:

  • TPR issued 4,673 (14,502) fixed penalty notices (FPN) of £400 for automatic enrolment non-compliance to employers in the first three months of 2017, up from 2,919 FPNs the previous quarter – the largest total issued to date.

  • A total of 1,043 (2,517) EPNs were issued in the quarter, up from 870 in the last three months of 2016. This was also the highest quarterly EPN total.


TPR has updated their press release to reflect the correct figures.


The corresponding CIPP news item has also been updated.