Asda and Next pay day errors cause issues for thousands

18 July 2022

Asda and Next have been under the spotlight as has been revealed that significant payroll errors have left staff out of pocket, with some underpaid by £500.

In the company’s written response, Asda indicated that its payroll provider, SD Worx, made 10,806 payroll errors affecting 5,529 staff. A worker in Manchester said payroll errors resulted in benefits being cut and another had a shortfall of more than £500 and needed to use food banks, reports The Guardian.

A representative for Asda said:

“It is imperative that our colleagues are paid correctly and on time and we are sorry this has not been the case for some of them.

“As soon as we were aware of this issue, we took action to ensure that nobody was left out of pocket. We are working closely with our payroll partner and have provided additional support to stores to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.”

Also reported by The Guardian, Next have suffered issues caused by the implementation of a new computer system. They have outsourced payroll operations to Oracle and the issues have been occurring since February.

According to The Guardian, Next has “been forced to assign a dedicated team to try to spot errors and pay the missing money to workers every week.”

While a cost-of-living crisis grips the country, it’s essential workers are paid accurately and on time. Mistakes happen, but these cases highlight the importance of robust processes and contingency planning for if, or when, issues occur.

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