Bacs 2019 processing calendar available to download

09 October 2018

Bacs provide this valuable tool to ensure processing dates don't get missed over holiday periods; it’s a good time saver as it provides Julian dates needed to process your payment files.

Helpful tips for processing payments and using the calendar:

  • You can submit your payment files up to 30 calendar days before the processing date. If you do submit your files in advance, please bear in mind that ADDACS (Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service) and AWACS (Advice of Wrong Account for Credits Service) advices may be received between the advance submission date and the due date
  • Ensure your software reflects Bacs non-processing days. Speak to your Bacs Approved Software Supplier if you are unsure how to do this
  • Make sure all staff involved in processing your Bacs payments are given access to a copy of the Bacs 2019 processing calendar
  • Don't forget to check your payment submissions - you can review your submissions using the Payment Services Website (PSW). You may receive the reports automatically through your third-party software or if using a bureau, your bureau may check these reports for you. It is your responsibility to ensure these reports are downloaded so be sure you have the necessary processes in place

The Bacs 2019 processing calendar is now available from the Bacs website - download your copy here.