Blowing the whistle on the secret pension offenders

31 May 2018

Employers who deliberately put incorrect information on their declaration of compliance risk being found out in a number of ways, including from spot checks or whistleblowers.

Darren Ryder, the director of automatic enrolment at the Pensions Regulator, wrote recently in an article for Pensions Expert:

“They hide in plain sight, looking respectable to the outside world but denying their workers their legal rights.

The managers who tell staff that they will have their pay cut if they join a pension scheme.

The businesses that lie to their employees by falsely claiming that they have been automatically enrolled.

The companies that keep quiet about their duties in the hope that their workers will not notice that they have not been given the pensions they are entitled to.

It may only take a moment of bravery from one person to enable us to shine a light into the murky practices of an employer.

But we can tackle this tiny group’s behaviour with the help of those closest to them – whistleblowers among their victims.”


You can read the rest of this article here.