CIPP / BEIS policy think tank – Agency workers recommendations

04 January 2019

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BEIS) and the CIPP would like to invite members to attend a Policy think tank on 23 January 2019 in London to discuss how the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate’s (EAS) remit can be extended to cover policing umbrella companies.


Further to the CIPP’s response to the consultation on Matthew Taylor’s agency worker recommendations, BEIS is interested to hear from payroll professionals as to how it can properly define an umbrella company to ensure that all organisations with an umbrella business model are captured but, crucially, so that ‘pure’ payroll companies – ie those that don’t employ the worker but just pay them as an outsourced function of the employment business – are not caught within the definition.

The consultation included the proposal:

  • The Director of Labour Market Enforcement should consider whether the remit of the Employment Agency Standards (EAS) ought to be extended to cover policing umbrella companies and other intermediaries in the supply chain.

100% of those who responded to the CIPP’s survey were in agreement that there needs to be someone in control of legislation and for there to be a point of contact to ensure fairness for all.

Payroll professionals are obviously receptive to the idea but how can it work in reality?


If this is an area that will affect you and you would be happy and willing to discuss ideas and issues with the CIPP and BEIS, please contact policy with your details, using ‘Policy Think Tank - umbrella companies’ in the subject box. Thank you.