Your experience with NMW and NLW – CIPP and Low Pay Commission Roundtable

22 August 2017

The meeting will run from 11am until 1pm (registration from 10.45) and be hosted by MHR.

Representatives from the Low Pay Commission (LPC) will be in attendance to receive directly your views and experiences.

The LPC are now analysing the results of the consultation carried out earlier this year, however they would still be very grateful to hear about your experience of the National Living Wage and the effects it is having on businesses.

Their primary concern is employment, and whether the NLW has led to redundancies, slowed recruitment, or reduced hours.

In addition, they very much want to hear more about some more specific issues that payroll professionals might be well placed to answer. There has been a lot of commentary about reductions in pay differentials between grades and changes to staff benefits in response to the NLW. Shifts in contract types, for example a move to using more zero hour contracts, are something they have also heard much about.

Hearing your views about compliance with the minimum wage, and what role payroll systems can play in preventing non-compliance is also a critical part of their work this year.

Please contact Samantha Mann CIPP senior policy and research officer at [email protected] for full details of this important event.

Attendance will be granted on a first come, first served basis.