New CIPP Quick Poll: Do businesses support employees through the longer pay period in January?

21 September 2020

As more and more emphasis is placed on financial wellbeing, and with businesses being encouraged to provide their staff with financial support and to provide financial education, the CIPP’s Policy and research team wanted to ask if organisations have put anything in place to support their staff through the long month of January.

The team have posted a new Quick Poll, which asks the question: “As January is a long month due to most businesses offering an earlier pay date in December, what do you do to assist employees?”. The poll will take less than a minute to respond to, and we would like to thank you in advance, as always, for your feedback.

It is a common practice for organisations to pay their staff earlier in December, so that they receive a wage ahead of Christmas day. Whilst this is widely appreciated, it does mean that there is a longer period between the December pay date and the January pay date, and it is commonly accepted that January can be a long month for employees, and that some struggle financially as a result of this.


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