CIPP Survey: Good Work Plan - Proposals to support families

23 October 2019

Although the UK has a strong tradition of encouraging and supporting working families, with a generous and flexible parental leave system, the government is aiming to ensure further parity in relation to leave and pay and to ensure consistency between genders.

The current policies communicate how valued working parents are to a wider demographic and display how important they are within the workplace but it is widely felt that more could be done to promote consistency between mothers and fathers.

Supporting working parents to combine work and childcare helps individual parents, but also the businesses that they work for, as employers have access to a wider pool of talent and are able to cultivate and retain that talent. This reflects on the wider economy too.

The government has published a consultation to explore the issues around parental leave and pay.

In order to obtain your views and inform our response to this consultation, the CIPP Policy team has produced a survey.  

CIPP comment

The survey closes on 22 November 2019 and should take around 25 minutes to complete. CIPP surveys are opportunities for you, the payroll professionals, to give open and honest feedback surrounding policies that affect the way you work and the staff that you pay. Your responses are imperative in shaping the future of the way payroll is conducted so all feedback is thoroughly valued and appreciated.


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