Compensation for flexible workers facing cancelled shifts

19 July 2019

As part of the Good Work Plan, the largest upgrade in workers’ rights in a generation, millions of flexible workers will benefit from new rights and extra protections if they lose out on work, under proposed government reforms.


Following the Matthew Taylor review, which found that zero-hours contracts work for the majority of those on them giving them the flexibility they seek, but recommended that the Low Pay Commission should examine the issue of one-sided flexibility.


Nearly 40% of UK workers say that their hours can vary from week-to-week, with approximately 1.7 million individuals feeling anxious that their working hours could change unexpectedly.


The government’s proposed reforms will allow flexible workers to retain their autonomy that suits them while allowing businesses to continue using them to cope with peaks in demand.


The proposed measures follow the government’s announcement that it is consulting on creating a single labour market enforcement body, which will strengthen protections for workers and provide them with new rights.


The consultation proposes new measures for flexible workers, including:


  • Compensation for workers when shifts are cancelled at short notice

  • Entitlement to a reasonable period of notice for their allocated shifts

  • Additional protections for individuals who are penalised if they do not accept shifts last minute


CIPP comment

During the course of the consultation period, the CIPP policy team will be surveying members and the wider payroll profession for their views and plan to also hold a think tank roundtable meeting to discuss the implications of the Government’s proposals. The think tank will be open to full, fellow and chartered members – to note your expression of interest please email us at policy.