QuickPoll results: Has the delayed Budget had an impact on your payroll department?

24 February 2020

As the original Budget was scheduled for 6 November 2019, but was then been moved to the substantially later date of 11 March 2020- a matter of weeks prior to the new tax year-  the CIPP wanted to assess the impact that this delay has had on the payroll departments of its members, if any. The results can now be revealed!

An impressive 333 responses were collected in relation to the question, ‘Has the delayed Budget had an impact on your payroll department?’ over the two-week period that the survey ran for. The breakdown of those were as follows:

Yes – significantly: 86 (26%)

Yes – moderately: 141 (42%)

No: 106 (32%)

The majority of responses highlight the fact that the delayed Budget has had an impact on payroll departments throughout the country- 26% of respondents reported that the extent of this was significant and a staggering 42% confirmed that the delay has had an impact, albeit a moderate one. Only 32% of participants reported no effect whatsoever on their payroll department due to the delayed Budget date.

The CIPP, and the payroll profession as a whole, breathed a sigh of relief last week when Rishi Sunak confirmed that the Budget date would remain as 11 March 2020, following on from Sajid Javid’s shock resignation from the post of Chancellor of the Exchequer earlier this month. Speculation is rife as to what the contents of the first post-Brexit Budget may be, but concrete confirmation will only be provided on 11 March 2020.


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