Deadline for making a retrospective NICs holiday claim

16 March 2017


The National Insurance contributions (NICs) holiday applied to new businesses, in specific locations, that started during the period 22 June 2010 to 5 September 2013. Subject to meeting certain conditions, eligible businesses were able to claim up to £5,000 as a deduction from the employer NICs due for each of the first 10 employees they employed during the holiday period.

A retrospective claim for the NICs Holiday can’t be made after the end of the period of 4 years, beginning with the day on which the last deduction could be made in respect of the qualifying employee.

As the scheme ended on 5 September 2013 the latest possible date that a claim can be made (provided a deduction was due for a qualifying employee on that date) would be 4 September 2017.


You can find out if you are eligible to apply for a retrospective claim on GOV.UK and if you’re satisfied that your business qualified for the NICs holiday, you would then need to contact the New Employer Helpline and request an application form.