Did you know? - The HMRC Charter

30 January 2023

Did you know that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has its own ‘customer Charter’, a ‘Charter’ dedicated to you? The HMRC Charter outlines what customers can expect from HMRC and what HMRC expects from its customers.

HMRC is committed to improving its customer experience and the HMRC Charter defines the service and standards. HMRC also offers tailored support for those that require extra help, read more about this here.  

The first thing the HMRC Charter outlines is ‘working with you to get tax right’.

HMRC states:

‘‘HMRC is here to collect the tax that pays for the UK’s public services. We’ll help you meet your tax responsibilities and make sure you get any benefits, tax credits, refunds or other support you can claim. However, we will take firm action against the small minority who bend or break the law’’.

Listed below are the standards within the HMRC Charter:

  • getting things right

  • making things easy

  • being responsive

  • treating you fairly

  • being aware of your personal situation

  • recognising that someone can represent you

  • keeping your data secure.

Mutual respect is emphasised, and action will be taken against any threats, intimidation or harassment. HMRC staff are expected to be treated the same way you would be treated.

However, it also guides customers if a complaint is to be raised if you are not happy with a decision or the service you have received. If you disagree with a tax decision, you can ask for a statutory review of the decision, appeal to the independent tax tribunal or do both.

Payroll professionals, agents and taxpayers communicate regularly with HMRC, so it is important a good relationship is maintained. Feedback on your interactions with the Charter are welcomed and HMRC wants to know how it has performed against the Charter's standards. You can email [email protected]. A summary of feedback received will be included in the regular reviews of performance conducted by HMRC’s Customer Experience Committee.

Performance against the Charter is monitored and HMRC has published the latest set of indicators and data. HMRC’s Customer Experience Committee oversees performance against the Charter - find out more about the Customer Experience Committee. The committee provides a report each year, assessing HMRC’s performance against the Charter, and includes progress and priorities for further improvement.  

You can read more about this topic here.

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